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Marketing Strategy & Branding

InterComm South Africa works with your sales team to prepare a practical, cost-effective Marketing Plan to define your competitive advantage and identify which advertising tools are delivering real sales leads and improving service levels.

Whether its a printed publication, an advert or a website, our eagle-eyed attention-to-detail ensures that it presents a professional, coherent message about your company.

Websites & Internet-based Applications

A web designer is more architect than artist – function matters! We are Drupal specialists who can write content, design AND programme.

We build moible-friendly websites and intranets to drive sales and corporate communications, and eLearning systems for training and education.

Advertising Design & Media Material

If your advertising isn’t bring in leads, let InterComm review your media strategy, and bring your media adverts up to date. We will help you choose the right magazines and newspapers based on readership demographics.

And we don’t take your 16% media commission or charge a percentage of every print job. You, the client, remain “hands-on” in terms of media bookings – and that’s no bull!

Magazine & Print Layouts

If you print a company newsletters or brochures, let InterComm do your typesetting, design a new masthead, clean up editorial, source royalty-free images and ensure a professional, quality marketing and communications tool.

We have won numerous awards for our clients for magazine, brochure and annual report writing, design & production. We’ll but the “fizz” back into your corporate communications.

About us

InterComm helps organisations talk to prospective customers about their company or products, or get feedback from prospects on an order, needs or problems. We build intranets that empower communication between management and employees, and extranets that share information between companies and their clients or suppliers. We design and develop for both electronic and print media.

InterComm balances business, engineering & creativity

Just like a great business plan is little more than a paperweight if it's not effectively implemented, a great Photoshop mockup is just a picture without careful consideration to our client's business, the technology's constraints and most importantly the customer's needs.

The world of advertising is warmly and uniquely human. It is driven by the needs, wants, dreams and aspirations of our clients and the people who buy their products.

The industry of advertising is driven by hard, cold technology. It's about perfect grammar and punctuation, media material that is exactly to specification and websites that load quickly

InterComm Advertising bridges that divide between creative strategic ideas and disciplined attention to detail in terms of on-time project delivery. We're hands-on, hearts-on, minds-on for every client and every project all the time. And we encourage you to check with our clients - their references are our primary marketing tool.

We integrate your knowledge of your product or service with our experience in marketing, copywriting, design and technology. Whether you need your logo redesigned, a printed or digital publication, a presentation, press releases or a website, we make sure that every piece of marketing material presents a professional, coherent message about your company.

InterComm Advertising is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and serves national and international clients from Brisbane Australia in the East, to Vancouver Canada in the West!