FAQs about circuit breaker technology and installation


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About us

CBI Electric: Australia is based in Melbourne, Australia

Our Product Range

Residential, commercial and industrial electricity management and conditioning solutions. CBI-electric provides trusted, tough and reliable products for the protection, control and fitting of Low Voltage electrical installations. We manufactured to specification for local conditions. Specialist products for solar power, mining and rail.

Product Category
Product Category
Product Category

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Look what we have for mining!

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Our Technologies

A single Circuit Breaker consists of over 200 individual manufactured parts. CBI has the manufacturing capabilities to produce over 25 million parts a month to strict, internationally approved specifications. CBI supplies products for power distribution in OEM production, residential, commercial, industrial and mining. We are able to rapidly design, develop and test customised prototype products – contact us about your requirements!

Why Hydraulic-Magnetic?

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers operate on the magnetic force produced by the load current flowing through a series connected solenoid coil which is wound around a hermetically sealed tube containing an iron core, a spring and a dampening fluid.

  • Always holds 100% rated current independent of ambient temperature
  • Always trips at 125%+ of rated current, independent of ambient temperature
  • Immediate resetting after trip
  • Any current rating possible
  • Large range of time delays possible

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Why Thermal-Magnetic Technology?

Benefits here

Global footprint, local knowledge

  • One of the largest Australian manufacturers and distributors of Circuit Breakers and Circuit Breaker Switchboards.
  • Global footprint with operations in Africa, America and Asia Pacific
  • Operations certified to ISO 9001:2015
  • Approvals audited by local and international standards authorities
  • Rapid prototype testing and in-house tooling design reduces development time
  • Committed to sustainable production
  • Responsible sourcing of high-risk materials
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